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QR Codes in Fashion: How Brands are Using Them to Enhance the Apparel Shopping Experience

Publish: 22/05/2023

Explore the benefits of QR codes on clothing and NFC technology, and how they are transforming the way of interacting with consumers in fashion.

QR Codes in Fashion: How Brands are Using Them to Enhance the Apparel Shopping Experience

Have you ever come across a stylish T-shirt or another wardrobe item with a QR code? Or perhaps, have you scanned a QR codes on clothing to gain access to special offers? QR codes in fashion, which once were a simple tool for inventory, have now become an integral attribute of fashion.

Quick Response codes

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned using a smartphone or a dedicated QR code reader. Unlike traditional barcodes, which are one-dimensional and store data in a horizontal sequence, QR codes store data both horizontally and vertically, allowing them to hold a significantly larger amount of information.

QR codes

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it felt like QR codes hadn’t reached their full potential despite their clear benefits, such as cost-effectiveness and user convenience. However, the pandemic thrust QR codes into the spotlight and public discourse.


Source: Google Trends

The Rise of QR Codes

Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, since the end of 2019, QR codes have been becoming increasingly popular in various industries, including fashion.

By integrating QR codes into their marketing strategies and products, fashion brands bridge the gap between offline and online experiences, allowing consumers to effortlessly access additional information, promotions, and exclusive content.

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Fashion

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Fashion

  • New opportunities.QR codes on clothing present a novel path for fashion brands. By integrating these codes into apparel, brands are ushered into uncharted digital territories. From virtual fitting sessions using augmented reality to engaging narratives about products, QR codes on clothing give fashion brands an edge in a fierce marketplace.
  • Deepening Customer Connections. QR codes add a dynamic layer to shopping. Scanning these codes lets customers unlock privileged content or enticing deals, deepening their bond with the brand and nudging them towards becoming loyal patrons.
  • Increase sales in the short and long run. QR codes grant instant access to crucial product details, reviews, or fashion tips, swaying immediate buying choices. Over time, this enhanced shopping ambiance can amplify customer loyalty and spur recommendations.
  • Tailored Shopping Experiences. Scanning a QR code can usher customers into a world of bespoke suggestions, virtual fittings adjusted to their physique, or even individualized product styles, enriching their shopping expedition and making it distinctly theirs.
  • Authentication. The specter of counterfeits looms large in fashion. QR codes serve as a shield, confirming a product’s genuineness, reassuring customers of their buy’s legitimacy, and safeguarding the brand’s esteem.
  • Part of the fashion’s design. QR codes aren’t just functional. They’re also a design element. Seamlessly blended into fabric patterns or prominently showcased as a design highlight, they infuse a contemporary, tech-forward flair to clothing.
  • Measurable metrics. Brands gain actionable insights with QR codes. They can monitor scan counts, duration on associated content, and even sales conversions, facilitating timely tweaks to optimize campaign outcomes.

Using QR Codes in Fashion

Using QR Codes in Fashion

Seamless Product Information

QR codes have revolutionized the way fashion brands communicate with their customers. With a simple scan, shoppers are directed to dedicated landing pages or product-specific websites. Here, they can delve into detailed descriptions, styling tips, and even peruse customer reviews. This wealth of information at their fingertips empowers consumers to make informed purchasing decisions, ensuring they get the best value and satisfaction from their purchases.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

The future of fashion shopping is here with virtual fitting rooms facilitated by QR codes. Customers no longer need to queue up for fitting rooms or wonder how a garment might look on them. By scanning a QR code, they can upload their photo or even craft a personalized avatar. This virtual representation allows them to “try on” various outfits, playing around with styles, sizes, and colors, ensuring they find the perfect fit and look every time.

Exclusive Content and Rewards

QR codes are more than just digital tools. They’re gateways to exclusive brand experiences. Shoppers can unlock a treasure trove of content, from behind-the-scenes videos and designer interviews to invaluable styling tips. Moreover, they can gain access to limited edition products and promotions, elevating their shopping experience. This not only creates a sense of exclusivity but also fosters deep brand loyalty among consumers.

Educational Information

Beyond product specifics, QR codes can be a source of broader educational content. Brands can use them to inform customers about sustainable practices, fabric care, or even the history and evolution of certain fashion trends, enriching the customer’s knowledge and appreciation of their purchases.

Stories About Your Company

Every brand has a story, and QR codes can be the perfect medium to share it. Scanning can lead customers to immersive content that narrates the brand’s journey, its ethos, milestones, and its vision for the future, creating a deeper emotional connection.

Customization and Re-ordering

QR codes can streamline the customization process. Whether it’s choosing a unique color combination, adding personal monograms, or even re-ordering a beloved product, a quick scan can make the process efficient and user-friendly.

Engaging with Consumers Through Social Media and Advertising

Brands can use QR codes in advertising campaigns to lead customers directly to their social media profiles. This encourages real-time engagement, participation in online community events, and fosters a sense of community. Special promotions, contests, or live interactions can be highlighted, making advertisements more interactive and impactful.

Promotions, Coupons, and Inspiring App Downloads

QR codes can be a direct channel for promotions and sales. Scanning can provide instant discounts, special deals, or even direct users to download the brand’s app for exclusive offers and a more seamless shopping experience.

Feedback and Customer Service

Constructive feedback is invaluable. QR codes can lead customers to feedback forms, allowing brands to gather insights and address concerns, ensuring continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

NFC Technology and Fashion

In addition to QR codes, Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is also gaining traction in the fashion industry. NFC allows two devices, such as a smartphone and an NFC-enabled tag, to establish communication when in close proximity. By embedding NFC tags in clothing or accessories, fashion brands can enhance the shopping experience in the following ways:

  • Contactless Payments: NFC technology enables consumers to make secure and convenient contactless payments using their smartphones or smartwatches. By integrating NFC tags into apparel items, brands can offer a seamless payment experience, eliminating the need for customers to carry wallets or credit cards.
  • Product Authentication: Counterfeit products pose a significant challenge for fashion brands. NFC tags can be used to authenticate the genuineness of products, assuring customers of their purchase’s authenticity. By simply tapping their NFC-enabled devices on the tag, consumers can verify the product’s origin, manufacturing details, and other relevant information.
  • Interactive Brand Experiences: NFC tags allow fashion brands to create interactive experiences for customers. By tapping their devices on NFC tags embedded in displays or signage, shoppers can access augmented reality (AR) content, view runway shows, or explore additional product information. This technology adds a layer of interactivity and engagement, making the shopping experience more immersive and memorable.

The Future of QR Codes and NFC

The integration of QR codes and NFC technology into the fashion industry has opened up new possibilities for brands to revolutionize the way consumers interact with apparel. As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more innovative applications in the future. From personalized recommendations based on customer preferences to interactive in-store experiences, QR codes and NFC have the potential to transform the fashion landscape, making it more accessible, interactive, and engaging for shoppers.


In conclusion, QR codes and NFC technology are playing a significant role in enhancing the apparel shopping experience. Fashion brands are leveraging these technologies to provide seamless access to product information, offer virtual fitting room experiences, deliver exclusive content and rewards, enable contactless payments, authenticate products, and create interactive brand experiences. As consumers increasingly embrace mobile technology, QR codes and NFC are becoming powerful tools for fashion brands to connect with their audience, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. The future of fashion lies in the integration of technology that enhances the customer experience, and QR codes and NFC are at the forefront of this revolution.

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