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Phygital Product Authenticity Verification: Ensure Genuine Purchases with E-Label Verification

Publish: 20/08/2023

Discover how E-Label verification merges the real and digital worlds to confirm product authenticity, boosting trust and confidence for shoppers.

Phygital Product Authenticity Verification: Ensure Genuine Purchases with E-Label Verification


In the fast-paced modern world, assuring the authenticity of the products we purchase holds immense significance. This concern is shared by both consumers seeking genuine products and the manufacturers striving to maintain their brand’s integrity. Emerging are novel approaches to ascertain the legitimacy of products, harnessing a blend of physical and digital methods for product verification. Among these ingenious techniques stands E-Label verification, a solution that provides us with the confidence that our purchases are indeed authentic.

How We Used to Check Products

The Old Ways

Before, we would check products using things like special stickers,  or codes that we could scan with our phones. These methods seemed safe, but after a while, people who made fake products got better at copying them.

The New Digital Methods

Because we all use phones and the internet, we started using digital ways to check if products are real. Some products had codes we could type in, or we could send a text message to a special number to check. But these different methods were sometimes confusing and not everyone knew how to use them.

Mixing Physical and Digital Checks

What’s Phygital Verification?

Phygital verification is a mix of two words: “physical” and “digital.” It means using real things and the internet together to be really sure a product is real. E-Label verification is one of these ways, and it’s about using both a real label on the product and a digital label on the internet. This helps us know if the product is genuine and lets us see important information about it online.

How E-Label Verification Works

When a product has E-Label verification, it means there’s a special label on it that we can see and touch. But there’s also another label on the internet. We can use our phones to see the digital label and find out more about the product. This label has secret information that only the company that makes the product knows. It’s like a secret code that tells us the product is real.

Why E-Label Verification is Good

Stopping Fake Stuff and Helping Brands

E-Label verification makes it really hard for people to make fake products. They can’t copy both the real label and the digital one. This helps companies keep their good reputation and makes people trust them more.

Talking More About Products

With E-Label verification, we can do more than just check if something is real. We can also learn more about how to use the product, like reading the manual or knowing about the warranty. This makes us like the brand more and want to buy from them again.

Learning From What We Do

When we use E-Label verification, companies can see how we use their products without knowing who we are. This helps them make better things that we like. It also helps them tell us about new products that we might want.

How to Use E-Label Verification

Using With Things We Already Have

We don’t need to change how products look to use E-Label verification. We just add the digital label to the real label. This is easy to do and helps everyone, whether they like the internet a lot or just a little.

Making it Easy for Us

Using E-Label verification is simple. We can look at the real label and use our phones to see the digital label. Some products have a special code we can scan, or we can tap our phones on the product to see it. Even if we don’t know a lot about technology, it’s not hard to use.


E-Label verification is changing how we know if products are real. As technology gets better, we can make E-Label verification even better too.

E-Label verification helps us trust what we buy and the companies that make them. This is good for everyone because it means we can buy things without worrying.

In short, we’re moving beyond old-fashioned ways of checking products. E-Label verification combines real labels with digital ones to make sure we’re getting the real deal. This exciting approach helps us buy with confidence, protects brands, and brings us closer to the things we love.

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